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Mulled Cider is a great favourite of mine and ‘the’ place to get it in London on a chilly weekend morning is the old Borough Market.

The Cider is supplied by New Forest Cider who are from the village of Burley in the New Forest.

The apples they use are from the company’s own orchard are pressed during October and November, along with cider fruit from traditional cider orchards in Somerset and Herefordshire. After fermentation, the cider is blended into freshly emptied whisky barrels.

Mulled Cider.
Boil a quart of cider, watered, if too strong, with cloves and allspice. Beat six eggs, sweeten, and add them to the boiling cider, with a pint or more of cream. Pour the liquor from one pitcher to another till it has a fine froth, and serve it warm. New Cyclopedia of Domestic Economy 1872

The mulled cider served at Borough Market (8 Southwark Street, London SE1 1TL, United Kingdom) does not have eggs in it and i’m not so sure I fancy that but it is fantastic none the less.