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This wonderful desert comes from Mrs Beeton’s Book of Household Management Published in 1861 and is guide to all aspects of running a household in the Victorian Era.

Its 2751 entries from tips on how to deal with servants’ pay and children’s health, and above all a wealth of cooking advice, instructions and recipes. It was an immediate best-seller, running to millions of copies within just a few years.

Isabella was born at 24 Milk Street, Cheapside, London. She was sent to school in Heidelbergin Germany and afterward returned to her stepfather’s home in Epsom, not too far from me really…!

On a visit to London, she was introduced to Samuel Orchard Beeton, a publisher of books and popular magazines, they married on 10th July 1856.

Soon after she began to write articles on cooking and household management for her husband’s publications and on it went from there. Sadly Mrs Beeton died at the young age of 28…I had always imagined she was a Mrs Bridges (Upstairs downstairs) type but no, she was a young house wife who brought help to millions in her book.

Now I have taken it upon myself to try some of the recipes and shall in time introduce them but i’ll start with this one as it is easy, very tasty and just a little bit different for dinner parties.

So gather the ingredients, all are readily available:

Rice pudding rice
Cooking Apples
Muscovado Sugar
Muslin Cloth
and just follow the instructions.

I have cooked these at least 4 or 5 times and whilst quite filling they go very well with ice Cream.